"ALL I NEED" CD by Janelle Sara - An Expression of Janelle's Heart of Worship

This album expresses Janelle's heart of worship. Janelle Sara is a singer-songwriter who lives in Kalispell, Montana and attends the River church. These songs were written throughout the first six years of her Christianity. The songs resemble the struggle in life in the journey to finding relationship with God. Janelle didn't begin writing songs until she was a Christian, and when she first believed, she still didn't have intimate relationship with Jesus. She knew something was missing from her life and she knew she had to find it in God, yet she chased and chased and continued to feel empty in her pursuits of coming to God and then running away again and again. Even in her inconsistency, God supplied her with faith to keep pursuing Him through the ups and downs which included hard life circumstances as well as many poor personal decisions she made.

In these five songs you will hear the battle she faced expressed in a vulnerable way. People have different experiences of awakening. But after six years, God awakened Janelle to relationship with Jesus and poured out His awakening Holy Spirit on her in a powerful way. Though the journey isn't easy, God wants intimate relationship with everyone like He tried to get from Janelle for six years. Janelle learned that nothing else could fill the void in her heart but Jesus and she gave up trying to run after the world when she finally admitted in word and deed--Jesus is all she needs.

After Jesus made His mark on her heart, He gave her the miraculous opportunity to record these songs in India. This album resembles a time of seeking Jesus and never giving up no matter the struggle. Jesus is pursuing you and longs to have you in His arms and have you in a no-turning-back kind of a way.


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