Bridal Garden Blessing Oil 30ml.

The oil of intimacy between God and you his beloved child.

Ingredients: Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Israel mixed with over 15 natural essential oils from around the world.

One of the many delights portrayed in the Song of Songs, is fragrance.  We become aware of the abundance of scents and aromas that perfumes the air around the Lover-Bridegroom and His Beloved Bride. In this atmosphere of love, their garments, speech and beings, send forth their savory scents. We like to call this the Bridal Garden perfume. 

Picture with us an enclosed, private and secret garden on The palace grounds of a King. A sacred garden, filled with an array of colors, sounds, tastes and fragrances. This is what the Bride is likened to! As she yields graciously to the seasons of growth, her choice and fragrant “plants” brings forth much beauty and enjoyment. Established, tended and pruned by the hand of her God, she flourishes in secret behind their wall. In intimacy, fed and nourished by the river and fountain of life, she herself becomes an oasis of refreshment and truth. (see John 7:38) The Holy Spirit defuses and distributes her knowledge of her God, her values and influence like fragrance. With closer investigation, each fragrance depicts different aspects of developed character. God wants these to increase in her, for the full enjoyment of her Bridegroom and those around her. I would like to quote Watchman Nee who said: ‘Everything of beauty and fragrance lies in spiritual maturity.’

Scriptures related with this oil can be found in: Song 1:3, Song 1:12-14, Song 3:6, Song 4:10-16, Song 5:13, and Song 7:8

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