Spikenard Blessing Oil 10ml.

The oil of abandoned love.

Ingredients: Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Israel mixed with Spikenard essential oil.

Spikenard was one of the most expensive perfumes in Yeshua’s day.  A pound was said to cost an entire year’s salary for the average worker. Spikenard is a small attractive perennial that is usually found growing on rock ledges and mountain slopes and is prized for its aromatic rhizomes. The fragrance of spikenard comes from the “root”, the very core of the beloved’s being. It seems that this plant was growing in abundance in the Shulamite Bride’s garden, since it’s mentioned twice in succession, indicating a double portion. Planted in the cleft of the rock and being rooted and grounded in love, could only produce this fragrance that symbolizes worshipful adoration.

Spikenard was considered an herb of love, thus when Mary of Bethany poured out her perfume without reservation, it became a powerful symbol of abandoned love. We see in the book of Mark chapter 14 how her extravagant adoration caused a chain reaction. Those around became indignant but that didn’t stop her from boldly proceeding to anoint Yeshua the One she loved which then vindicated her by saying that her name and actions would be remembered throughout the ages to come.

Scriptures related with this oil can be found in: Song 4:13-14 and Mark 14

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